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Submitting a Bid to Roebbelen

Roebbelen is always looking for the most competitive and qualified trade contractors, subcontractors and suppliers with the operational and financial capacity to successfully complete each project. Our goal is to build exceptional projects with an exceptional team.

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If you would like to be included on our list of potential bidders, please follow the link below to Register on SmartBidNet.

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Please include your DIR Registration # on your bid!

Per Senate Bill 854, all subcontractors who wish to bid on public works projects must be registered with the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR). The new law requires that all projects with bids submitted after March 2, 2015 use ONLY registered contractors.
For more information, or to apply for contractor registration, please visit:

Roebbelen Subcontractor Form, Bonds & DVBE

Roebbelen’s written, pro forma subcontract document execution is required of all successful subcontract bidders. A pro forma copy is available for inspection and/or will be provided by Roebbelen upon written request via e-mail/fax prior to subcontractor’s bid submission to Roebbelen. Inconsistent subcontractor conditions or terms bid shall be void. Any Roebbelen listing of a subcontractor pursuant to Public Contract Code Section 4100 et seq. is EXPRESSLY contingent upon subcontractor’s acceptance of Roebbelen’s pro forma subcontract.

Roebbelen will assist DVBE/SBE/SDBE/WSBE/HUBZone/VOSBE/UDBE/MBE/WBE/ MWBE/DBE/LBE bidders toward obtaining 100% payment and performance bonds, HOWEVER both these bonds are required of all project subcontractors (minority or otherwise). Costs of said bonds will be at Roebbelen’s Cost up to 1% of bid price unless specifications call for bonds to be included in subcontractor bid.

Roebbelen Contracting, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We encourage the participation of DVBE/SBE/SDBE/WSBE/HUBZone/VOSBE/UDBE/MBE/ WBE/MWBE/DBE/LBE firms and will consider all subcontractor bids regardless of race, sex, color, age, religion, gender, disability, ethnicity or national origin.

Roebbelen Contracting, Inc. intends to award all successful qualified DVBE/SBE/SDBE/WSBE/HUBZone/VOSBE/UDBE/ MBE/WBE/MWBE/DBE/LBE subcontractors and suppliers subcontracts to the maximum extent possible; Roebbelen may offer special assistance to such qualified bidders to ensure maximum project participation.


Long Form: Contract Value >$50,000                                                               Short Form: Contract Value <$50,000

SAMPLE CONTRACT – Long Form ($5 Million Insurance Coverage)              SAMPLE CONTRACT – Short Form ($2 Million Insurance Coverage)

SAMPLE CONTRACT – Long Form ($3 Million Insurance Coverage)              SAMPLE CONTRACT – Short Form ($1 Million Insurance Coverage)

SAMPLE CONTRACT – Long Form ($2 Million Insurance Coverage)


For further assistance, please contact:

Estimating Department                                                           
(For General Inquiries)

Estimating Contact List
Robert J. Kjome
Executive Vice President of Contracting Operations
Joel Gallion
Vice President
Michael Forbes                                                               
Chief Estimator
Jazmyn deCordova
Estimating Administrative Assistant